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About Us (John 4:14)

DIVE Youth Ministry is a place where students from 6th-12th grade can grow in Christ, engage in discussion, and build relationships with others in a fun and positive atmosphere. At DIVE, students are consistently challenge to take their next step and “dive deeper” in their relationship with the Lord. 
During the Week:
Sunday school: 9:45am
Sunday night DIVE: 6-8pm
Wednesday night: 6:30-7:30pm


All of our events are planned with the goal of uniting students with Jesus and with each other. We engage in different types of events throughout the year including:
A winter ski trip to Winterplace Ski Resort
A summer mission trip with FUGE camps
Disciple Now (DNOW) weekend
Seasonal events such as…
Beach trips/pool parties/boat trips
Thanksgiving Progressive Dinner
Christmas House Party


Q: What is typical youth group meeting on Wednesday Night like?
A: Before youth group officially starts we usually hang out, eat snacks and play games. Then we start off our youth meeting with a time for prayer requests, followed by Bible study/discussion. We have very engaging Bible study in which Students are free to ask questions and good discussion is encouraged.
Q: What are some are some of the topics discussed in youth group?
A: One of the most discussed topics in our student group is choices. Students today face so many decisions from what they watch, read, and listen to, as well as who they are influenced by and who they interact with. Our goal with these discussions is to guide students to seek truth from the source – Christ. Jesus said,”I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” All of our teaching is Biblically based and helps build students’ knowledge of Scripture.
Q: What is “DIVE”?
A: First off, as often asked, DIVE does not stand for anything. It is, however, a strategy. As we see in John 4:14, Jesus offers the woman at the well “living water” and tells her that if she drinks of it she will never thirst again. We believe that a relationship with Jesus is the most fulfilling thing a person can experience in life, and we want to students to “dive” into this living water. Not only that…we want to teach students to constantly go deeper in their relationship with the Lord. We believe the Christian life is about getting to know Jesus better and better until we see Him face to face (1 Cor. 13:12) so to that end, we make a habit of challenging students to go deeper in their relationship with Him and to understand that for as long as they are living, they can “DIVE deeper” in their relationship with Jesus.
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