Sunday School Classes
One of the easiest ways to get connected at Garden City Baptist is to join a Sunday School class.  It is in this intimate setting that you can develop friendships, share prayer requests, discuss biblical truths, and fellowship.  Just pick a class and show up.  Whether you try out several, or commit to the very first one, each class is exceptional!  Sunday School starts at 9:45 am.  In the parking lot along Pine Avenue, look for the outside door marked “Classroom Entrance.”
Room #113
The Messengers, Larry Conn
This mixed aged class focuses on parents currently raising children.  The Gospel Project allows parents to study the same Bible story as their children.  The goal is to provide families the opportunity for Gospel dialogue to continue after leaving the church doors.  The classroom is conveniently located adjacent to the Overflow Children’s Hallway.
Overflow Children’s Ministry Hallway
Nursery-5th Grade
After signing their children into this secure environment, parents can be reassured that the Gospel will be presented in love with fun and engaging methods.
Dive Youth Building
6th-12th Grade
Students meet in the Dive Youth Building across the street, behind the church, along Yaupon Ave.  A typical Sunday morning will include music, discussion, and a Gospel-centered Bible Study.
Co-Ed Classes:
Room #204
Friendship, Gene King
Room #205
Discovery, Roberta Collins
Ladies’ Classes:
Room #111
Genesis, Lorrie Beri
Room #112
Charity, Sandra Webster
Men’s Class:
Room #206
Fellowship, John Henderson
Independent Bible Studies
Ladies’ Class:
Room #109
Ruth-Fidelis, Kay Cravens
Co-Ed Classes:
Room #202
Foundations, Ron Kirk/George Pierce
Room #203
Truth Seekers, Mike Reese